THE WORD Series | Paintings and Work on Paper



The Word Series began with a trip to Italy that Ms. Bocchino experienced in the summer of 2010. Although she had visited Italy before, it was this trip that revealed her heritage in a deeper dimension. The variety of patterns juxtaposed to artwork and organic imagery was overwhelming and exciting. The fresh perspective that the Italians have on art, architecture and design influenced Bocchino’s ideas on her own use of color and composition.

Bocchino produces and investigates a variety of marks and lyrical lines to give rhythm and depth to the two dimensional plane of the stretched cotton canvas and the textured rag paper. The Paintings and drawings from The Word Series combine a variety of innovative painting and drawing techniques. In addition to the unique pouring paint method that Bocchino has developed over the past 10 years, she incorporates a wide assortment of hand made stencils and paint rollers. The result is a print like image integrating traditional abstraction, Jazz Jam poetry and contemporary graffiti-like word imagery.