THE ROMANCE Series | Paintings and Work on Paper



In the Romance Series I am using my visual abstract language to investigate the subjects of romance and passion. I have looked at the many aspects of Romance and have interpreted it in many different ways through line, color and composition. It is this universal experience of relationships that I am exploring both conceptually as well as through the academics of painting. The passion of Romance is exciting and touches many different levels of our hearts and minds. Utilizing a visual language to discuss these levels is both challenging and stimulating. I have discovered a direct correlation between the visual accounts of Romance and Jazz Music Therefore; I have used Jazz as inspiration for this work. The improvisational nature of Jazz has fueled the lyrical quality and methodology in these paintings and drawings.

Robert Morgan states in the catalogue essay, The Persistence of Romance:

“Bocchino has found a way through painting to exist as an artist without imposing an agenda. Her word is focused on the essentials of her craft: the mark, the paint, the pulse, the stem, the ovum, and the radiant sense of blue, of pink, of whiteness. She pushes herself into the surface with ineluctable care and force, always willing to move out again, to see what she has done. These paintings have a brilliant intimate side to them. They sparkle. They gleam. They open the doors to sunshine.”

“Bocchino looks inward and comes out again. It is the inner/outer synthesis of Being, of functioning at the core of art in the process of becoming an artist. There is no mistake. Her destiny is to find order in the music of the soul, and ultimately to make sense out of chaos.”

Dan Bischoff (The Star ledger) writes in his article Painter works like Jazz Musician :
“Bocchino gracefully lays down the paint with ecstatic abandon, punctuated occasionally by knuckled concentration.” Another quote: “There is something basic and pure about what Bocchino does that is, certainly, akin to a jazz solo. Just paint. Who cannot get that?”