iPop Series | Paintings and Work on Paper





iPOP is the term used by artist Serena Bocchino to describe her latest body of work. Bocchino continues to push the parameters of her poured enamel paintings using a vibrant palette and textured imagery. For the first time Bocchino will exhibit “Photopaintings”. These photopaintings combine digitally manipulated photographs with acrylic plexi glass sheets that she has painted on to create a “pop synergy” to both mediums! The new work is vital and dynamic. Using bright enamel paint and her unique “pouring technique,” Bocchino creates a true wonderland in this installation. Surrounding her vivid and lyrical paintings is a garden with ordinary lawn ornaments such as bunnies, squirrels and flamingos which she transforms into iconographic pop elements. The result is a colorful and surprising environment which combines high art with popular culture.

Bocchino has developed her own “pouring” method to express her poetics and unique visual vocabulary of rhythmic marks and lines and imagery. The result is an exciting frisson of color, mood and atmosphere. Bocchino continues the full investigation of her subject matter, however here adds a contemporary response to pop culture by utilizing industrial materials and a bold new rendering of her visual language. The works in iPOP are created with enamel paint poured and drizzled onto canvas and clear acrylic sheets. These tools speak her ultra-contemporary images into existence.

In iPOP Bocchino revisits, reinvents and reconstructs her world based on influences of the past three decades. The philosophical contrast of combining the high art of abstraction with ordinary lawn ornaments creates a contradiction that is both provocative and humorous. The ornaments are hand painted to match the paintings, and the integration of these figures with the abstract paintings creates an unexpected reality that spins ideas of fantasy and hope and creates a unique and personal perspective on life. Bocchino’s mastery of cosmic color and rhythmic abstraction gives the term “pop” – an oft-used expression – an explosive new meaning for our contemporary culture.